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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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part of this agenda for the campaign. appreciate it. 92% of you have say donald trump will defeat hillary clinton in november. guy benson says maybe. >> good luck with that. lou: donald trump, dre ben carson and wilbur ross among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. >> announcer: this is fox business coverage of election 2016. here is neil cavuto. neil: this is now how it was scripted on this primary crip an -- onthis primary and caucus. brussels, belgium, paris,
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france. times square, on heightened alert. in the case of new york, very high, a greater police presence in paris. a greater flis presence throughout much, much western europe and the western world. more attention to something that we thought was, well, a few weeks old. it was because it happened again. gerri willis with the latest on what we are learning what went down in brussels. gerri: the death toll now raised to 34. as many as 180 injured. what happened? a twin rush hour attack in brussels, the heart of the european union, and belgium, the capital of brussels. three explosions went off in the belgium capital tuesday morning. two in the brussels airport at 8:00 a.m. and one at the metro
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station at 9:00 a.m. this is prime time for workers there to be commuting. belgium police mount a national nationwide manhunt for a suspect seen league tuesday's bombing. i want to show you have the picture belgium officials released. these are the folks they believe are responsible for the airport bombing. the two men wearing dark clothing sport a black glove that is presumed to hide suicide vest ignition devices. the third man on the right hand stiefd your screen was said to flee the scene. that's who they are looking for. in their search belgium police found in a home an unexploded bomb, chemicals and isis flag. isis claimed responsibility for these bombing. now, tonight, brussels remains in lockdown. airport security bolstered in
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major airports in europe, in the u.s., new york city heightened alert here as you showed earlier, planes and trains into brussels across the european union stopped. in our country flags at half-staff because of this tragedy. across europe. major monuments are draped in the colors of belgium. the brandenburg gate in berlin. and as we continue to update this story we'll let you know more details as they break. neil: nine americans were among those injured including a group of mormons on a goodwill visit in that neck of the woods. the brussels airport will be closed tomorrow. but indications are that travel will be abruptly shortened, curtailed, if not eliminated.
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that was one of the billing factors hitting airline stocks and anything have having to do with the hospitality and leisure industries. what's on the light tonight in three crucial states? deirdre bhoal on has it all. deirdre: it's three keef states. idaho, we already saw for the gop side, senator cruz won it. that is behind the gop, have much behind senator sanders and hillary clinton. but utah and arizona have much on the map for both sides of the aisle. arizona is the big prize. it's winner take ale an -- it's winner-take-all and it has the most delegates. you just heard from gerri willis on the tragic event in brussels. many people expecting donald trump to do very well in arizona
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tonight if not sweep it all together. i want to show you delegate numbers so far. trump very much in the lead. kasich hasn't spent any time in arizona. no resources, no time there. but this is where we stand right now. as we talk about the magic number, 1,237. trump very much in the lead. as far as what you can expect or how the count is so far. there you have clinton and sanders. this doesn't count superdelegates but 2,383 is the goal for them. neil: senator lyndsey graham is supporting ted cruz in this race. senator, what made you decide on cruz. on this issue of sort of shutting down our border and keeping people safe, donald trump is thought to have galvanized his edge in arizona
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where that's a front and center issue? >> i think the people in arizona have been under siege from immigration. but at end of the day i think donald trump is not a republican, ted cruz is. he's a reliable conservative whom i have many differences is. i think donald trump is a conman of the highest order. that's why while supporting ted. if we dominate donald trump on the republican side we'll get killed in november and deserve it. neil: i know you champion the issue about watching our border. but he has been able to capitalize on a lot of this by saying, well, i told you so as i did today. what do you think? >> i think he doesn't understand the war. you are not going to destroy isil by shutting down refugee flows to europe and the united states. the on way you will destroy isil
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is to get an army together and go in on the ground and we'll have to be part of that arab army and destroy them in iraq and syria. closing our borders, building a wall, doesn't destroy the caliphate. they are planning an attack against our country. they are coming here unless we destroy them over there. you are not going to win the war from the air. i would like to hear donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich support a regional army to go on the ground in syria to destroy isil. if we don't, we'll get attacked here. neil: an analyst said they moved pacht an isolated region. how do we handle it now? >> it's pretty simple. i know where 40,000 of them are.
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i know where they are planning the next attack against the united states. i can give you the i. i can tell you who is in charge of planning the attack. it's not a mystery where isil is located. the problem is we have a weak president. what i want president obama to do is change his strategy. he doesn't have a strategy to destroy isil. he's trying to pass this on to the next president. i'm begging my party to have a different approach to is i will * than obama. understand we need a army on the ground to destroy the caliphate before we get hit. it's not a mystery where these guys are at. the mystery is why is europe and the united states letting them have such large safe havens and we are doing nothing but dropping bombs on them which is not working. neil: are you surprised with it
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comes to illegal immigration and porous borders, has consistently been number one, two, or three, now number one, and that it has been donald trump capitalizing on it? >> not really. what donald trump is suggesting, a solution that a lot of people embrace. get rid of the illegal immigrant, build a big wall with a big door. we are not going to get democratic support to deport 11 million illegal immigrant. i want to fix illegal immigration, you have to control who gets hired. i want to build a wall, too. i want to deport crook and felons and the rest can day but they have to learn our language, pay a fine, and get in the back of the line. but illegal immigration has nothing to do with destroying isil.
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if you want to destroy isil you better go where they are at. they are in syria and iraq and you better get an army. neil: i spoke to john mccain and he said the problem with the war against terror is we have been an absent leader. the europeans, and the fighting back and forth between the french, the belgiums and italians. we have traditionally in the past played a role of keeping them all together and us leading the way. and that is what is missing. so hoff become president, senator, does it mean that that person should have more american muscle when it come to everything going on. americans seem to have little appetite for that. >> i think americans have a lot of appetite for destroying radical islam.
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neil: not when it comes to committing troops. >> here is what i'm telling the american people for what it's worth. what you see in europe is coming here. to the french president and the prime minister in brussels my heartbreak for the suffering your country that has experienced. but have you seen one french soldier on the ground to go to the place where the attack was planned? they are being conducted as i speak in terms of the planning. the american president, no european leader is suggesting we go into syria and destroy these guys before they hit us again. you are never going to be safe until you do that. we have to have a ground component to the american people. you may be tired of fighting them, but they are not tired of fighting you. you have got two choices. you can fight them in their backyard where they are afraid of you or we can hunker down and
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build a wall and hope they don't come. that's not going to come. neil: you do have foreign policy gravitas. he has an outside maverick, he does not. if he came to me and said i want you to be my running-mate. >> i would fall over dead. if he get to be president i would help him. i don't think i have gaffe as. i'm not saying i have gaffe as. neil: i think you have gaffe as. >> i have earned the right to be listened to in this regard. i know most people over there are not buying isil is selling. i knew when obama left iraq what was going to happen. i begged him to leave troops behind but he wouldn't listen. the on way to destroy isil is to get up a regional army. we'll have to be part of the army to win.
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i would help donald trump and hillary clinton any way i could because another 9/11 is coming to our shores if we don't change our policies. president obama is too stubborn and brideful t bride -- and too. i'm hoping mr. trump will have an open mind. neil: we have a lot more coming up. the senator mentioned the president of the united states. he opted to stay in cuba continuing with his south american tour. some people are ripping him. he's not at the white house but flags are at half-staff outside the white house. if he were to be going back to the white house in the middle of this some think it would be just what the terrorists want. would he?
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neil: the developments in brussels changed the complexion and tenor of tonight's primary and caucus results we'll be getting. it could have a big influence on arizona voting. throughout precincts it was substantially heavier than four years ago and 8 years ago. for democrats way too soon to tell. that might be something that will benefit donald trump in a state where immigration and a porous border have been dominating this campaign. he was already ahead in polls. and we can see things that don't turn out the way polls show. but it could be cross current
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that benefits in trump tonight. in the meantime. we are also waiting for results from idaho. the democrat-only event. the utah caucus will be for democrats and republicans. but when all is said and done we are talking about a delegate movement that won't dramatically shift but could set the tone for races in the weeks out. i got lou dobbs here and charles payne here and trish regan here. for donald trump who has been talking about tough u.s. border security, now you have these brussels attacks. a good confluence of events to remind people as he has stressed, it's this issue. lou: it's remarkable and it happens time and time again. trump seems to have a prescient mind that brings issues that are then followed by event.
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whether it's the illegal immigrant's mid of kate steinle. then the trade with china and a record trade deficit. build the wall, control immigration anden certain of who we are bringing into our country. these are messages he has been on from the beginning of his campaign in june. there is no doubt this will benefit him because of the heightened consciousness. neil: by and large americans support the view on bringing muslims into the country. charles: they do. going down a certain path, when do we know it's the right time and are you talking about 1.7 billion people?
8:20 pm
and what about the 8 million muslims who already live here. but the knee jerk reaction has been fear. people in charge have not been able to demonstrate they can keep us safe. we need to slow the month stes down and find a way to make it work. neil: switching back to pure politics. for donald trump it's about delegates and getting 53 or so percent of the remaining delegates. doable, tough, but doable. is this the night he gets them? >> i think he will make some headway tonight. arizona should be a good spot for him. utah a little more challenging. romney made all those calls, his robocallsing everybody to you form ted cruz. i think he's probably going to wind up getting there. it won't be icy tonight. i don't think this will necessarily seal the deal.
8:21 pm
but he will get there. back to what charles and lou were saying it's become politically incorrect to say we need to be careful about our borders. what about in the days of communism when it was someone is a communist and we need to be wary. if someone is a devout religious extremist from one of these countries or from a country say, you could even be from europe given the visa situation that visited one of these countries, it seems to me most americans would say that's logical that he ought to look at them twice before we admit them into our country. neil: a lot of confusion back and forth on that. the appetite in europe for this sort of thing is waning very quickly. belgium is talking about building their own wall. i don't know where they would put it. but they are look at that. charles: a little too late for that.
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neil: the fact of the matter is this has escalated to the point where the whole world is saying to migrants and refugees. let's go slow. let's reassess. it's something donald trump has been talking about. we'll have a chance to peek at asian markets and omenter futures. charles payne said if it keeps recurring, we might not be so sang dsanguin. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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neil: we are told these are unrelated events. but the pentagon is passion along the ivment s. limit conducted airstrikes against an al qaeda training camp in yemen. they have been removed from the battlefield which i'm told is parlance for they are dead. so again the fact that this is coming to light on the very same davis * is claiming responsibility -- the very same day as isis is claiming responsibilities for the attacks
8:27 pm
in brussels. lou: it's a saudi-led initiative in yemen. and it's you a clients state of iran. the degree to which they can claim a victory, i'm uncertain what role al qaeda are playing in yemen in the midst of this conflict. it's a civil war and taking on al qaeda would not upset the iranians. neil: the timing of announcing this is weird. > charles: the place is a wasteland. we have the proxy war, saudi arabia-iran. i'm thinking this battle in yemen would get saudi arabia to call off its oil war on american frackers. they are going to the market to raise money in the bond market.
8:28 pm
saudi arabia with this mindless war on american frackers. for them having to put more money and muscle into yemen could get them to give our frackers a break. lou: the iranians are also producers and taking that side could have unintended consequences. so i'm not sure it would be directly -- i would doubt it would go to oil production and policy. but there is something interesting about al qaeda being the target of u.s. warplanes while that civil war which is devastating in yemen is under way. neil: isis was not part of this. trish: we are playing both sides seemingly and it makes the situation incredibly difficult for us. it makes the situation difficult for our allies.
8:29 pm
and for those that our enemies to understand they are enemies. this is one of the things we have been hearing donald trump talk a lot about. why are we help something one that's not really truly helping us. and we need to figure out -- neil: don't we let them fight it and others deal with it? >> there is an isolationist tone despite the fact we are in a challenging time. neil: the state department does have this not only for that region of the world, but more importantly, brings. the brits said similarly about travel there. and the brits are on heightened alert. the level they are at now which is the fourth highest possible, which i can't believe there are three other levels more significant than this where they say an attack could be imminent. who better to get a sense of this former par limit member john brown.
8:30 pm
john, always good to see you. what do you make of that. when various agencies come out to warn against travel, in their neck of the woods, they are obviously worried. thud they be? >> yes. and the reason i think the british do not put the top height yet is you want to discourage the enemy from thinking it's work and disrupting your country. so probably the secret services and armed forces are on a high alert publicly, they are not saying this because they don't want the terrorist to feel he's winning. and that's part of the psychological battle. neil: the present has been trying very hard to move britain toward the eu, and maybe take the euro. do you think today's developments said that back rather dramatically? >> yes. definitely.
8:31 pm
the immigration issue with the politicians opened the immigration by unseating saddam hussein the tyrant who kept the lid on the middle east. they broke that lid and the immigrants flowed in. they got easy immigration and now they have free movement. thank god britain isn't in the plan. but it heightened the awareness of this flood of muslim and potential terrorism into europe and it's greatly increased the psychological battle for an exit. then you have got most important poll anything britain other than the prime minister, boris johnson who moved into that camp. the former leader of the conservative party dunn smith moved into that camp. the damage was done because for once it looked like it was probably not taboo to discuss. so he's in real pressure.
8:32 pm
but the european union need britain. britain is the second largest economy and net contributor to the european union. has an independent nuclear deterrent and a permanent seat on the united nations and has a very special relationship with the united states the european union is jealous of. they also have an adverse trade balance of $21 billion on average with europe so money is flowing from britain into europe. they need us, they are one of the most stable economies in the world, and therefore in future looking like we'll help financee mediterranean countries and the bang problems. so they need us. britain is just wake up to it. also waking up to the fact that under the european union plans, countries like britain will be dissolved.
8:33 pm
there will be no britain. scotland will be a region. britain will be broken into 9 regions reporting directly to drills. therefore all the scare tactic the prime minister talks about if britain leave, scotland might leave britain. scotland will be taken away anyway. the care tactic will be hyped up not on by cameron who must rue the day he didn't honor his cast iron guarantee to give britain the say. it's not in their best into the stay in the union. neil: if the french want it, i don't. that i understood. john brown, thank you.
8:34 pm
i do appreciate. we want to give you a look at lax. heightened security efforts have been implemented at all-american major airports. even though homeland security isn't saying a people about that. you know that easy dropoff when you go to a lot of airports? that might be going away. you might have further to walk when you go to the airport.
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neil: we told you the brussels airport will be closed tomorrow. but good luck getting there. united says they will waive change fees for customers booking to brussels. that destination is being taken off. oftentimes it's a very predictable response. we'll keep you updated on these races. in arizona there are very * long lines. voters just waiting for the opportunity to vote. that was widely expected to be the case. the number one issue has been the porous border and the fact that it has been a heated exchange back and forth and one
8:39 pm
presumably benefiting donald trump. but very, very long lines. arizona officials say if you are in line and you intend to vote no matter what the poll times are you will get a chance to vote. which could delay tallies from that state. bernie sanders is hoping to score a bit of a surge tonight. that's anyone's guess because he still trails hillary clinton by a country mile. i'm not talking about the superdelegate part. he's in a world of hurt. >> you and i talked in the past about how narrow this path is for senator sanders getting back in that delegate race with hillary clinton. even if he struggles in a state like arizona, he's hoping to do well in the other state. we'll look at idaho. it does provide us with a good example of a state sanders hopes will get him back in the race and it's an example of why it
8:40 pm
will be so difficult for him to do so. only 23 delegates are at stake for the democrats. but he's set up to do well. it's a caucus state and his supporter are dedicated. but anyone can vote. if you didn't vote in the republican primary, you can vote in the caucus today. 17-year-olds, they are good to go in idaho long they will be 1 a 8 by elect day and bernie sanders loves -- as long as they will, 18 by election day and bernie sanders loves the youth vote. when you only have 23 delegates to pick up in a state, it's not going to be a big win no matter who wins it. whoever wins in a state like idaho will only net a few
8:41 pm
delegates. this does include the superdelegates. 1,630 for hillary clinton and 870 for bernie sanders. neil: hillary is 753 shy. i want to bring chuck roach into this. he's advising bernie sanders. he has to start winning big. can he do that? >> he can. there are some big state still up. california is sometime and new york is still up. here in arizona there are people standing in line. i have been going to polling places and these are the longest line i have ever seen. we had one woman come into our office who had been standing in line for 2 1/2 hours. i don't know who it's going to benefit. neil: you don't think it's a disproportionate number of
8:42 pm
republicans? >> i do as a political consultant. neil: bernie may have nothing to do about it. >> it may not. there are 500,000 mail-in ballots. part of the tally we'll see immediately is half a million people who sent in their ballots. there were 900,000 already sent back. neil: within a nano second the early voting results are in and that could tip the hand. do you think that bernie sanders has a mathematical way to get there? lou: with all deference to chuck, it's good to see an honest broker watching those lines. appreciate mediator your candor. but it's also great to see that enthusiasm.
8:43 pm
the answer i would have is i don't see it. but i have been wrong about democratic socialists before. neil: you think about it. there is no lone for him to get -- there is no reason for him to get out of the race. he keeps her in line. preaching the progressive agenda he thinks is important. charles: he's pulling her to the left. he raised $44 million last month. neil: he spends a lot, too. charles: the craziest thing is the idea of him going to the convention and flipping the superdelegates. neil: they flipped for then senator barack obama when hillary clinton had virtually all of them and bit by bit, result by result they all peeled off and is that what you are looking for here? >> there is an enormous amount
8:44 pm
of superdelegates available in the large states like california and new york. they are elected official and people who are super whatever. but if you win that state by 60 or 40 and you don't want to line up with your own constituents, there will be political pressure there. neil: not in new hampshire. >> you are talking about five or six folks who didn't think bernie sanders had a shot and he will be gone by now. neil: what do you think of that? trish: i think he should be gone by now. chuck the candidate you are supporting is a socialist. i think you are not going -- neil: a socialist or democrat. trish: for sure a socialist. the reality is i don't think he's helping her at this point. i think she is making mistakes
8:45 pm
and having to speak publicly in these debate forms with him. she needs to move to the middle. neil: on edge. it might be good. trish: maybe it's helping to refine her arguments. i wonder if it will get her more and more trouble if she has to run in a general election. neil: chuck, it's always fun. thank you very much. >> good luck tonight, guys. keep an eye on those polls. more indication what the europeans plan to do. we are learning a lot more about this network and it seems to be a net worchg asailant that tarring -- a network of assailants that targeted assailants that targeted brussels. hero, one individual getting authority temperatures attention, did he tip their hand?
8:46 pm
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neil: welcome back. you are watching fox business. foreign capitals are on heightened alert. in london the alert level is severe. shepard smith is there now. shep: it appears authorities have made good progress thanks to someone who saw something and said something. we are talking about the three men who have been seen in the
8:50 pm
still picture. the two on the left in the black are the ones who are said to have blown themselves up. the one on the right tried to blow up his suitcase. the suitcases are on the luggage carts. we are circling the black gloves. bust man on the right's suitcase did not detonate. a taxi cab driver called the authorities and said i think i may have picked theetsd three men up in the sheerbeck area of brings. and they found nails and chemicals and an isis flag. he said he was suspicious because he wasn't allowed to to after the attack happened he
8:51 pm
took authorities to that apartment and that's where they had been. but there have known about reports they have been able to find his location. the prosecutor says several parts of the country are involved in this investigation and they are searching for this man. in addition to what they found, they are look for this in the light colored jacket and the hat. you mentioned the terror level in london where i am tonight is severe meaning an attack is likely. but in brussels the attack level is 9 highest it is -- is the highest it is meaning they believe an attack is coming. 30 days of mourning for the 39 people who lost their lives and hundreds injured. the airport is shut indefinitely. neil: do we know those who orchestrated the attack today,
8:52 pm
did they pass through security or in a part of the airport that didn't require going through security? shep: the latter according to the reports we have been getting. they came through the main doors, brought in the luggage. from what we have been told, they put the luggage on these carts that you would find as the jfk or any airport in the united states, win the to the area where you would check in for your flights. in europe often it's a large hall where different airlines occupy different lanes. so it roe 80s. there were initial reports there might have been an american airlines line. it appears they were seeking areas where the highest concentration of people. one in the number 3 aisle and the number 11 aisle. most of the injuries on lower extremities which leads authorities to believe the luggage was left on the carts.
8:53 pm
the initial thinking was maybe the third guy had chickened out as salah abdeslam they believe did. but now they believe he attempted to ignite or explode his device and it didn't happen and he took off. in the chaos of police running in and bloody people running out, they lost track of him. but they are searching for him tonight. neil: at the train station where 20 were killed. do we know who was behind that separately? what are authorities saying? shep: here in the early going no names have been released. if they have the names they have not released them. if they have the name of the suspect who escaped from the airport, they haven't released that. there is lots of speculation about why that is. we heard on fbn tonight these thoughts that maybe the prosecutor doing all the talking about salah abdeslam speaking
8:54 pm
and cooperating if you will with the authorities, that that may have expedited this attack. authorities are being clear that they believe the planning for this had to be lengthy and had gun before the capture of salah abdeslam. but one of the questions is did that capture and subsequent notice he was cooperating with authorities, did that expedite or speed up this attack in that they say they don't yet know. neil: there was no indication he was part of planning that attack. shep: salah abdeslam? not that we have been told. is he telling them about things that are coming? if so do they want to expedite those sorts of things? we don't have anything solid on that. whether this was an expedited attack because of the capture of him because they believe he's speaking, whether there will be more is high on the mind of authorities and i'm guessing citizens all across the
8:55 pm
continent, neil. neil: to shepard's point. the number one issue in the state of arizona. number two issue in the state of utah. just the threat of what happened there happening here is enough to galvanize voters on the left and right at least in arizona that we have not seen like ever. ever. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands
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neil: the arizona reporter paper is reporting what they say is record turnouts. peter barons in tempe, arizona. what can you tell us? the issues are pointing toward record turnout, getting people motivated to get out to the polls. but the attacks in brussels put an exclamation point on the issues for a lot of these voters. border security. immigration reform, illegal immigration, national security. talked to voters here in line today and they said these issues were front and center for them even more so than before. we talked to one trump supporter who said the events in brussels today made him more supportive
9:00 pm
of trump and his proposals and one clinton supporter who said it made her more opposed to trump and his issues. who are you voting for? >> trump. he's fast on tear rich and immigration. >> i don't want terrorism to come. but a wall is not going to help because they have airplanes. reporter: they have another hour to vote today and the line have not let up all day long. we have been here for 12 hours since 7:00 local time. these folks have been coming here showing up. the line has been all the way around the block and all the way in front of this recreation center. all day long this traffic has not let up at all. normally you see more people in the mornin


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